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The 27th edition (2019) will be available soon and can now be ordered for despatch as soon as it is published - see prices below.

Published every two years, this booklet follows the successful format of previous editions with its comprehensive frequency-by-frequency guide to domestic mediumwave and FM stations in the UK and Ireland. It covers all BBC, RTE, commercial and community radio stations as well as the low power AM and FM stations operating with long-term restricted service licences. It also includes details of the Digital Radio (DAB) multiplexes and programme services.

Features include:

Radio Stations in the UK & Ireland aims to be the most accurate and comprehensive guide to domestic AM and FM radio in the British Isles for the DXer and radio enthusiast. Since the last edition nearly three years ago there have been many changes including fully updated listings for commercial, community and low power AM services.

Anyone planning a holiday or business trip in the UK or Ireland, would find the guide invaluable in helping to identify the numerous radio stations now on the air. We have a special price for two copies: Why not order a second copy to keep in your car?

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Updated: 19 Aug 2019