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AA	Arabic
ad(s)	advertisement(s)
add	address
Af	Africa
AIR	All India Radio
alt	alternative frequency
Am	America(s)
AM	amplitude modulation
amp	amplifier
ann(s)	announcement(s)
As	Asia
ATU	aerial tuning unit
Au	Australasia/Pacific
AWR	Adventist World Radio
BVB	Bible Voice Broadcasting
CADS	Community Audio Distribution Services
CB	Citizens Band 
C&W	country & western music
CC	Chinese
CD	Compact Disc
Cland	clandestine
CR	community radio
CW	morse code
DAB	digital audio broadcasting
DD	Dutch
Dom	domestic
DRM	Digital Radio Mondiale
DSB	double sideband
DST	Daylight Saving Time
DTH	direct to home
DVD	Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc
DX	long distance reception 
EE	English
EST	Eastern Standard Time (USA/Canada)
Eu	Europe
Ext	external
f/d	full-data QSL 
FF	French
FM	frequency modulation
Fq	frequency
GG	German
GHz	GigaHertz
GMT	Greenwich Mean Time (=UTC)
GOS	General Overseas Service
HD	High Definition 
HF	high frequency (= shortwave)
HFCC	High Frequency Coordination Conference
HQ	headquarters
IBOC	In Band On Channel
ID	identification
IF	intermediate frequency
II	Italian
ILR	Independent Local Radio
IN	Indonesian
inf	information
Int	international
IRC	International Reply Coupon
IRN	Independent Radio News
IS	interval signal
ISB	independent sideband
JJ	Japanese
kHz	kiloHertz
kW	kiloWatt
LA	Latin America
LPAM	Low Power AM
LPFM	Low Power FM
LRSL	Long Term RSL
lsb	lower sideband
LUF	lowest usable frequency
LV	La Voz
LW	longwave 
m	metre
ME	Middle East
MF	medium frequency (mediumwave)
MHz	MegaHertz
mob	mobile reception (eg in DXing in car)
MoR	middle of the road music
MUF	maximum usable frequency
MW	mediumwave(or MegaWatt)
mx	music
NA	national anthem
NAm	North America
nx	news	
OM	man (male)
PLC	Power Line 
PLT	Power Line Telecoms
PP	Portuguese
ppc	prepared post card - (a self-made QSL card 
	 you sent to the radio station to be endorsed
	 and returned to you)
PRES	presumed
px	programme(s)
QRG	frequency
QRM	interference (man made)-
QRN 	interference (natural -	static/atmospheric noise)
QSB	fading
QSL	confirm/verify
QSO	Two stations in contact
QTH	location/address
R	Radio 
Rdiff	Radiodiffusion
RDS	Radio Data Service 
rel	religious 
RN	Radio Nacional
rpt	reports/reported
RR	Russian
RSGB	Radio Society of Great Britain
RSL	Restricted Service Licence
RTTY	radio teletype transmission
rx	receiver
sae	stamped addressed envelope
sat	satellite
sce	service
sch	schedule
s/off	sign off
s/on	sign on
SS	Spanish
ssb	single Sideband
SW	shortwave
TC	time check (or Tape Circle)
TENT	tentative logging
TS	time signal
TT	Turkish
tx	transmission/transmitter	
TWR	Trans World Radio
UHF	ultra high frequency
UNID	unidentified
URL	Universal Resource Locator (ie web address)
usb	upper sideband
UTC	Universal Coordinated Time (=GMT)
v	variable frequency (eg 6240v)
VHF	very high frequency
VLF	very low frequency
VO	Voice of
v/s	verification signer
VT	VT Communications (ex Merlin/Vosper Thornycroft)
VV	vernacular language
W	Watts 
w/	with
WRN	World Radio Network
WS	World Service
WWW	world wide web
wx	weather
X-band	extended mediumwave band: 1600-1700 kHz
XYL	wife
YL	woman/female
73s	best wishes
88s	love & kisses
//	parallel frequency
$	dollars
$C	Canadian dollars

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